When exploring yoga schools in India, often we get requests from yoga students to interview particular yoga teachers. We have received quite a few requests about Pandey Ji, the founder of Vedansha Institute of Yoga and Vedic Sciences in Rishikesh, India. Here's a transcript of our talk, and for the full interview, check our video below. 

Yoga teacher Naveen Joshi Rishikesh IndiaNaveen Joshi is a teacher of traditional yoga in Rishikesh. Let his young age not fool you. Naveen has been practicing yoga for about 18 years, learning from some outstanding teachers.

Rajendra Pandey teacher of holistic yoga RishikeshRajendra Pandey is a teacher of traditional hatha yoga in Rishikesh. This teacher is not extremely well-known in Rishikesh, as he seems not to be very interested in self-promotion.

Yogi Vishvaketu Akhanda and hatha yoga teacher in Rishikesh and CanadaIf you're looking for a unique yoga style, check out this interview with Yogrishi Vishvketu, the founder of Akhanda yoga style. Akhanda yoga cultivates many hatha yoga practices that are rarely present in contemporary yoga studios.

Sunil Sharma yogic healing system Yoganga rishikeshSunil Sharma is a teacher of yoga, meditation and particularly yoga nidra in Rishikesh. But most yogis know him as the author of Yoganga healing system, a therapeutic approach that uses yogic methods and techniques to help people get rid of their psychological and emotional problems.

ParveenParveen Nair Iyengar yoga teacher in Rishikesh Nair is Iyengar yoga teacher from Malaysia who currently teaches in Rishikesh. Although he has started giving classes in Rishikesh quite recently, he has already become one of the favorite yoga teachers among local people and international students.

Usha Devi Iyengar yoga teacher in RishikeshUsha Devi is a living legend in Rishikesh. A Swiss woman who has lived in India for 40 years, she has suffered two terrible accidents in 1998 and 2003 that crashed her legs.

Slava Gutsaluk hatha yoga instructor in KievSlava Gutsaluk is one of the most positive-minded and friendly yoga instructors in Kiev, Ukraine. His classes are well-structured, safe, moderately intense, and always inspiring.

Joshua Craig martial arts teacher New YorkYoga is frequently perceived as a way of practice that seeks the most optimal ways of combining both body and mind into one, efficient, seamlessly working unit. There are many other traditions and methods that have similar if not identical goals. One of them is I Liq Chuan.

Natasha Poperechnaya Vajra Yoga TeacherNatalia Poperechnaya, a yoga teacher in Kiev school of yoga, has shared with TopYogis some insights on why practices of Vajra yoga are safe from the point of view of biomechanics and common sense, why easi

Marek Wajsman martial arts tai chi chi gong and standing meditation instructor in IsraelWhile traveling and visiting different yoga teachers around the world, we realized that many of them complement their personal yoga practice with other arts and traditions like Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, etc.


Vadim Tsivan a yoga teacher in Novyi Viek yoga studio KievVadim Tsivan, a yoga teacher in Kiev, a poet and a developer of Soft yoga approach, has told TopYogis why yoga should be adapted to present-day circumstances, how to practice Soft yoga, and how yoga can help us live up to 150 years. 

Anatoliy Zenchenko Ishvara yoga teacher in Kiev UkraineAnatoliy Zenchenko, the founder of Ishvara yoga style, has shared with TopYogis his thoughts on Ishvara yoga, headstands, signs of progress in yoga, and reasons why we try to put the leg behind the head. 

Today we have a conversation with Yaroslav Tokarev, an instructor of yoga in Kiev with great experience of personal and teaching practice. Yaroslav combines techniques of Universal yoga with principles of ayurveda and individualized approach to every student. 

Journalists of TopYogis are traveling in different countries around the world to discover outstanding yoga teachers and unique styles of yoga. We had the chance to talk with some of these teachers.