Finding YOUR CUP OF TEA (masala chai) in Rishikesh

You might have heard of Rishikesh being the world capital of yoga. It is a great place to visit if you are interested in yoga, however choosing the right place for you is not going to be so easy.


Yoga has been intriguing me for a long time. Over the years I got involved with other body-mind disciplines but yoga was something I always had in the back of my mind. Some of its aspects I practiced on and off and others I wanted to learn more about. 

Like many of us interested in yoga, I thought it would be nice to learn it at the very source - in India! 

Many of you might think of going to India, experiencing a different culture, and perhaps, getting your certification as a yoga teacher. If you’ve never traveled to Asia before, you could be a little surprised (shocked) upon your arrival, by how different, from your home country, India can be.

There are many amazing experiences to be had while visiting Indian continent but it is probably not a bad idea to make some mental and physical preparations ahead of time.