Guildelines for posting yoga events on TopYogis

General rules for posting yoga events on TopYogis

Before you create a yoga event on our platform, please make sure that it complies with the following requirements:

  1. You cannot put the price of your event on TopYogis higher than displayed on your personal site or any other resource.
  2. You are responsible for making sure that all the conditions and terms laid out in the event description are met in terms of location, accommodation and facilities, schedule, price, teachers and other details mentioned on the event page.
  3. You are responsible for creating your own Paypal account in order to receive payments (with the exception of example #1 - look below).
  4. You need to fill in the total cost of your event, and the amount of pre-payment that the user needs to make to reserve your event.
  5. When a user books your event on our site, we deduct our commission in the amount of 4% from the total cost of the event (regardless of the amount of pre-payment) and send you the rest of the pre-payment sum via Paypal (minus Paypal commissions for money transfer). Thus, the minimum amount of pre-payment required for reservation is 4% of the event cost. You can define the amount of pre-payment anywhere from 4% to 100% of the event cost. 

Let’s see a couple of examples for an event priced at $1000:

Example #1.

You set the reservation pre-payment sum to $40 (minimal sum possible for this amount).

The $40 sent by the client as a pre-payment is retained by TopYogis as our service commission.

When the client makes this reservation via TopYogis, we actually receive roughly $38.50 after Paypal’s processing fees. Because we don't need to send you any more funds, for the sake of simplicity we will cover the PayPal fees ourselves.

The client gets an email acknowledging the receipt of $40 and stating that they will have to pay you $960 upon arrival to the event. You receive an email stating that we have made a reservation and the client will pay you $960 upon arrival.

Example #2.

You set the pre-payment sum to $200. When the client makes this reservation via TopYogis, we actually receive roughly $193 after Paypal’s processing fees.

We retain $40 from this amount and will send* the remaining $153 to you via Paypal. Please note that you might have to pay additional fees to Paypal for this transfer or currency conversions.

When making a payment, your client gets an email acknowledging receipt of $200 and stating that he needs to pay you $800 upon arrival. You receive an email stating that we have received $200, deducted our $40 commission and Paypal processing fees from the amount of reservation and will send* you the rest (which will be $153) to your Paypal account,  and you will receive $800 from the client upon arrival. In total, you will receive $953 for your event.

* When working with new event organizers we reserve the right to release the pre-payment funds on the day of the actual event.

The commission for all events priced at below $100 is 4% but not less than $3.

Please, note that the 4% commission is the lowest possible amount and the only fee for the use of our services. We decided to make the commission the minimal possible amount that would still help us maintain our service without putting a financial burden on you as the event organizer. We have been in yoga event organizing business and we know how hard it is to pay 15% commissions for client referrals and keep your business viable. Therefore we want to help you develop your business without putting your finances at risk by the minimal payment for our service to maintain our operations. When you get a good exposure on TopYogis that would bring you enough clients, you will not need to worry about advertising and promoting your events and will be able to focus solely on your teaching practice.

Terms of booking yoga events via TopYogis

Your actions upon receiving notification on event reservation

When you receive a reservation confirmation from us, you need to confirm that the person who has made the reservation is included in the list of the Event participants, and provide them with all the necessary information on location and start of the event.

Booking cancellations and payment refunds

When posting an Event on TopYogis, you agree that the entire sum of the pre-payment can be returned to the customer upon their request in the following circumstances:

  • the event is canceled
  • you fail to confirm the user’s participation in the event within 10 days from the date of making pre-payment
  • you raised the price of the event
  • the venue or dates of the event are changed.

If you cannot agree to these terms, you are not allowed to post events on TopYogis.

Optional cancellation policy

TopYogis provides you with the ability to offer a cancellation policy. It is a very useful tool that greatly increases chances of event reservation. You can choose to provide free cancellation of the event prior to some date, for instance - one month or 2 weeks before the start of the event. While it may seem a nuisance to you and is not common in yoga booking industry at the moment, having such policy will increase the likelihood of booking your event as it gives clients more confidence in your offer.

Certainly, you can choose not to provide any cancellation policy at all, but if you do provide it, you are bound to respect its conditions once they are posted on your Events page.

Let's make TopYogis better

We work with you together on a mission of bringing more good quality yoga practice to the people around the world. In our work, we strive to adhere to the values of yoga that advocate honesty, integrity, and non-harming, and we’re happy to be working with yogis who help inspire people with their own life's examples. We make our service maximally transparent and honest (we’re against hidden commissions and small print disclaimers), and hope that our work contributes to your prosperity and well-being, and prosperity and well-being of your clients. We want to provide people with the best information on available yoga offers and provide you with a tangible help on earning your living as a yoga professional by giving you a fair exposure to the large audience of yoga seekers.

Our fruitful collaboration depends on mutual respect of yoga professionals, yoga practitioners, and TopYogis as a platform seeking to enhance and inspire the personal and professional growth of every yogi.

We will be glad to receive your suggestions for improvement of this website. If you'd like to write us a note, press the big large Feedback button in the footer of the website, and send us your ideas. It's quite likely you will see them implemented here!