General overview of Iyengar Yoga Class

Beginners to should expect that the class will be focused mainly on asanas. Depending on the teacher, sometimes the beginner class will include only 4-5 asanas which would be explained in great detail. Other teachers may give more varied sequence, though.

Very often the classes will include demonstrations done by the teacher or practitioner. That means that after performing some pose the teacher will call everyone to come and observe some aspect of body alignment, after which everyone will return to their places and try to practice that aspect.
In this regards, Iyengar yoga is not a “flow class”, though it can include some elements of a flow.
Very often the teacher may show how someone performs the asana incorrectly and explain why that particular way of practice is harmful or not optimal. While some beginners may feel intimidated to come to such classes and be picked up on their mistakes, many people will benefit greatly from such sessions as they will have personalized attention of a teacher with a detailed explanation along with the guidance on how to correct the mistakes. However, not all Iyengar classes include such analyses.


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