What is Iyengar style

A yoga style developed by B.K.S.Iyengar that places particular attention to the alignment of the body for reasons of safety and injury avoidance. The practice of alignment also aims at developing a strong body-oriented introspection, often described as “directing the mind inside the body” to feel and activate certain muscles that arguably indirectly manipulate other tissues, like skin.
Iyengar method has a reputation of being a discipline-oriented style rather than a feel-good pastime. Participants are expected to adhere to very particular instructions and closely follow the lead of the teacher. There is no talk of “letting go” and improvisation. The emphasis is on the perfection of the structure and form of the posture that requires concentrated attention inside those parts of the body that need to do the work.

Though not always, many Iyengar teachers conduct their classes in a sort of “military style”, giving precise instructions and making sure that everyone follows them.
Talk about chakras, kundalini and other energetic things is practically absent. Practitioners are encouraged to strengthen their body, develop subtle control of their muscular system and discipline their mind before proceeding to any “subtler parts” of the practice involving pranayama and meditation.


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