What is ashtanga vinyasa yoga style

Astanga Vinyasa style is a dynamic and highly structured sequence of asanas that builds strength and flexibility and extensively utilizes vinyasas (dynamic transitions) and ujayyi pranayama as concentration aid. The style was founded by Pattabhi Jois who claimed to have partially learned the system from his teacher Krishnamacharya. This style is intensely physical and athletic.

Very often ashtanga vinyasa is referred to as simply ashtanga yoga. This needs to be distinguished from another usage of Ashtanga yoga, where the term refers to eight limbs of yogic practice. Ashtanga yoga teacher thereby incorporates elements from all or most of these steps into a class and does not necessarily have to teach sequences designed by Patthabi Jois. In this traditional sense, Ashtanga yoga is a synonym of classical yoga with more attention to other limbs besides just asana, such as moral code (yamas and niyamas), pranayama, concentration, and meditation practices.


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