Yoga studio Ved Niketan Ashram Rishikesh

Ved Niketan Ashram

In the end of market street in Ram Jhula
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This is one of the most known ashrams of Rishikesh, where you can still find a room for 150 rupees (single person room with common bathroom), although it might look like a real monk's cave. The price will include though daily yoga sessions in the ashram's spacious hall. There are also rooms for 250 rupees, 300 rupees, 400 rupees and 500 rupees, although the ashram is very often full.
Follow the Market road in Ram Jhula (just turn right after crossing Ram Jhula bridge) until the end.

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General impression
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This is an ashram frequented by old-timers and real hippies who do not care about comfort and facilities of western civilization but want an experience of ashram life in its simplest form. You still can get rooms here for 150 rupees, it will have shared toilet and bathroom and will pretty bare. But you will have the quietness (the ashram is located at the end of Ram Jhula, close to the Beatles ashram), free yoga classes for residents of the ashram, sounds of Ganga, and enclosed garden space. It's quite hard to get rooms in the ashram as it's often full, you might ask its visitors on where they leave to take their room. They also have more expensive rooms (for 250^ 300, 400 and 500 rupees), some of them have private bathrooms. Just come here and ask the management.