Yoga instructor Marcos Gutierrez Mantilla Barcelona

Marcos Gutierrez Mantilla

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Instructor of Hatha Raja Yoga and co-founder of LaShala yoga space in Barcelona.

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I had the opportunity to visit Marcos' class in Barcelona in September 2017. This is a positive and outgoing teacher who conducts classes in a cordial atmosphere and gives attention to every student. We had a class in Hatha Raja Yoga style, and it was open to all levels: each posture was taught with variations which would suit beginners and advanced students.

The class was quite a dynamic practice with lots of classical postures and some modifications to allow beginners to try them. For example, we approached parivrita trikonasana with both legs bent (practically standing on back knee) and then we could extend both legs if we wanted.

There was a sequence of asanas given on one side and then repeated on another side, so the whole sequence felt like a flow, without changing sides after every asana. Each posture was held for a few breathing cycles. The class started and finished with breathing exercises with the concentration of attention on our breath and directing of attention to different parts of the body.

What I liked about Marcos' class is that he did not force us to do anything, all postures were proposed as a kind of exploration of our body, Marcos used the word "buscamos" (we are searching, we try to approach) for every posture. Also, Marcos offered us a choice of inverted postures. Some people could perform headstand, but we could also do handstand or forearm stand instead (which I happily did as I prefer not to stand on my head).

After the class, the entire body felt energized and toned, and there was no feeling of tiredness.
The class was in Spanish, I could understand most of it, but even if I could not, Marcos was following everyone in the class to see if we are understanding the instructions, and could explain things by showing them, so there was no problem with comprehension at all. He encouraged the students to be attentive and positive about their practice and other people who shared the space with them.

Marcos charges only 5 euros for his classes because he believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and people should afford regular daily practice. You can feel that he does not approach his teaching yoga as a job but rather as an opportunity to share his practice with other people.
I left his class energized, inspired and in a great mood. Thanks a lot!