300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

Yoga event 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India Rishikesh

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India


Affordable 300 Hour Residential Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India Certified by Yoga Alliance USA in Rishikesh, India at Rishikesh Yoga Retreats.
Yoga is not a religion but a practice of self inquiry and inner exploration. It works at physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. It gives the positive path to our soul. The purpose of this practice is to rejuvenate yourself to attain a stress free and blissful life. Practicing yoga in the mind soothing environment along with nature not in artificial setup is just like heaven for lovers of yoga.
Rishikesh yoga retreats is well known and recognized and internationally certified yoga school in Rishikesh India. It is registered with yoga alliance U.S.A and offering certified yoga teacher training courses for yoga lovers and those who want to explore for short term courses.
Rishikesh Yoga Retreats is offering you the advance level 300 hours YTT course. The purpose of this course is to gear up the yoga skills to become an efficient yog guru with theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga. This professional course elevates your yoga teaching skills. We pursue the modern techniques of traditional yoga art, we always update ourself with new techniques and changes.
We at Rishikesh yoga retreat in India methodize our 300 hours YTT course in such a way so that one can quickly learn all the practical yoga techniques in a yogic style to build up career in this field. We forficate our courses into two parts i.e. practical and theoretical so the one can understand the all aspects of yoga profoundly. So to become an efficient yoga trainer 300 hours YTT is the perfect choice. Our advanced 300 hours YTT course clears all concepts related yoga. We always emphasises in perfection.


Overview of 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India
Concept: Principles of yoga therapy
Eligibility: 200 hour Yoga TTC from a recognized yoga school with Yoga Alliance.
Duraion: 4 weeks
Course fee: 1850$ Fee includes shared accommodation, food, library, course kit, renting of study materials.
Students get Internationally recognized Yoga certificate in India (RYT 300- Yoga Alliance, USA)
Opportunities: Experience yoga culture and tradition of India, discussion sessions, treatment for minor health issues, internet facility, and small outings.

Curriculum of 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India
Chapter-1: YOGA THERAPY (170 hours)
Incorporating yoga practices for physical, mental and emotional disorders. Students will learn how to plan treatments through yoga.

Yoga Therapy
Stress: modern and ancient views
Concept of integrative approach
Importance of Meditation & transformation
Yoga for Muscular injuries
Yoga for Arthritis
Yoga for knee injuries
Yoga for Back pain
Yoga Spinal disorders
Yoga for Diabetes
Yoga for Thyroid problems
Yoga for Menstrual problems
Teaching Methodology of Asana/ Yoga Postures
Hatha Yoga
Styles of Yoga
Concepts of Ashtanga Yoga
Concepts of Ayurveda and Naturopathy
Yoga Prescription
Simple classroom research
Health check up

Teaching Methodology of Pranayama/ Breathing Practices
Yogic Breathing
Ujjayi with Bandha
Bhastrika with Asana
Nadi – Sodhana
Bhramari with Mudras
Surya-Bhedi & Chandra-Bedi
Sheetali & Sheetkari
Plavani- open discussion
Teaching Methodology of Yoga Gestures/ Mudras
Vipareeta karini mudra
Shabhavi mudra
Yoni mudra
Prana mudra
Hridaya mudra

Teaching Methodology of Yoga Bandhas/ Energy Lock
Jalandhara Bandha
Uddiyana Bandha
Mula Bandha
Maha Bandha
Teaching Methodology of Dhyana/ Meditation
Breath Awareness Meditation
Om Meditation
Vedic Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Cyclic Meditation
Pranic Energization

Teaching Methodology of Relaxation Techniques
Yoga nidra
Insant Relaxation
Quick Relaxation
Deep Relaxation
Teaching Methodology of Shatkarma/ Yoga Cleansing Techniques
Rubber-neti (Nasal cleaning using rubber cathedral)
Vamana Dhouti (Stomach cleaning using water)
Vastra Dhouti (Stomach cleaning using Cloth)
Trataka (Gazing practice)
Kapalbhati (Cleansing the using respiratory tract)
Nauli (Intestinal churning)
Agnisara (Abdominal massage)
Basti- open discussion
Shankha Prakshalana (Intestinal cleaning-Optional)

Chapter-2: ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY (20 hours)
Proper understanding of the physical body will help to prevent injury before, during and after practice. There are two kinds of yoga anatomy: physical and spiritual. Understanding both types are needed.
Brief overview:
Digestive System- Basics and related yogic practices
Respiratory System- Basics and related yogic practices
Circulatory System- Basics and related yogic practices
Nervous System- Basics and related yogic practices
Endocrine System- Basics and related yogic practices
Guidelines in Studying Asana Anatomy
Introduction to Ayurveda
Personality according to Ayurveda
Essential Ayurvedic Treatments

Introduction to yoga- Definitions and History
Sapta dhatus
Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Emotions & 5 Senses
Jnana Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Karma Yoga
Raja Yoga

Chapter-4: TEACHING METHODOLOGY (70 hours)
Case writing.
Yoga therapy module.
Open discussion on Yoga prescription.
Alignments & adjustments.
Structuring the Yoga Asana and Yoga therapy sessions.
Silent demonstration skills.
Tone or Voice.
Stepwise instructions.
Counting- with instructions, with benefits, with numbering, with breaths.
Stay in the final pose with the meaning of "Stiram Sukham Asanam" and "Manah Prasamanopaya".
Integration of asana, breath, focussing point.
Personal conduct in the classroom.

The price includes
28 Days Accommodation(Private single room with attached bath)
Three Daily Meals with herbal teas & a weekly cooking class of Indian Traditional dishes.
Free Wi-Fi, Yoga Materials, Washing Machine for Laundy & Library Facility
Enjoy the adventure tours on Sundays:- River Rafting or Moutain Camping, Trekking, Sunrise of Kunjapuri Devi Temple & Waterfall.
Complimentary Pick Up from the Dehradun Airport to School
Not included in the price
Air Ticket
Travel Insurance
Air Condition

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