Yoga studio Zentro Urban Yoga Barcelona

Zentro Urban Yoga

C/ Aribau 226, edif interior 4

Zentro was one of the first studios of dynamic yoga in Barcelona. With more than 9 years of experience, it is now a vibrant platform for yoga and personal development.

Some classes are conducted in English - check the schedule. 

The studio requires a one-time membership fee (matricula) of 30 euros additionally to the monthly payment.
However, if you're first-timer, you the can try first week of classes for 18 Euros without paying the membership fee. You also don't have to pay the matricula if you are not paying monthly subscriptions, but pay individually for each class (15 Euros). Monthly subscriptions are 70 euros for unlimited amount of monthly classes, or 50 Euros for 4 classes of yoga and pilates. 

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