Yogaia is a place for the practice of Hatha Yoga Raja, a traditional method mainly inspired by teachers Andrei Ram Om and his Master, Sri Dharma Mittra. For this reason, it is also named "Dharma Yoga".

Yogaia offers an extensive schedule of sessions for yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced; notwithstanding, the practice is always adapted to the need of the individual: all practitioners are welcome to practice in any class they might feel convenient.

The studio also offers teacher training courses in yoga and treatments. 


(as of September 2017). 

This studio seems to employ a more complicated pricing fee.

Judging by their fee page, the studio requires Enrollment fee of $35 Euro. 

Test class costs 10 Euros, but it looks like you will have to pay Enrollment fee if you want to practice with them.

There is a number of subscription options, mostly for unlimited amount of classes. 

One month unlimited costs 75 Euros.

Three-month unlimited costs 200 Euros, six-month unlimited access costs 380 Euros, etc.

If you go on vacation and cannot practice for one month, you need to pay a maintenance fee of 15 Euro, otherwise, you will be asked to pay Enrollment fee once again. 



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