Yoga studio The Spinning Yogis Studio in Gracia Barcelona

The Spinning Yogis Studio in Gracia

209 Travesera de Gracia, 08037

Spinning Yogis Studio in Barcelona is a place where you can practice cycling and yoga. This combination of cardiovascular training with static strengthening and stretching techniques of yoga, breathing and relaxation practices, bring optimal results for integral development.
Spinning yogis studio has Spinning Classes, Spinning and Yoga classes (30 minutes of spinning and 30 minutes of yoga), and classes of yoga in the styles of yin yoga, ashtanga vinyasa, classical hatha yoga, yoga dance, rocket yoga, and yoga for cyclists.

If you live in Barcelona, you can try classes in Spinning Yogis studio for one week for free. You can pay monthly fees (as of September 2017, 89 Euro per month for unlimited classes) or per class fees (one class costs 12 Euro)

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