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Nirvana Yogathal Ram Jhula, Swarm Ashram, Rihsikesh, India

ve been looking for, yes the best yoga training school in Rishikesh named Nirvana Yogasthal offering multiple yoga programs such as- Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Prayanama Yoga Teacher Training, and Multi Style -Yoga Teacher Training. The founder of Nirvana Yogasthal, Shri Aneesh Krishna Bisht Ji has mastered all yoga forms and holding 10 years of experience imparting the training of yoga to his disciples in such a manner so that every one of them can yoke their immortalized souls with the mortalized bodies.


Students of Nirvana Yogasthal adhering the instructions of Hatha Yoga alongside a bank of the Ganga.

India can boast of her rich heritage of Yoga with the origin of Beginners Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Our nation has gifted the world with many significant things; Yoga’s been one of them. In today’s world being physically fit is very difficult due to the difficult time schedules, stress, and unhealthy lifestyles. So Yoga is the one-word solution for keeping body, mind, and spirit healthy and for a holistic healing process. If you are not aware of the uncountable benefits you can gain from practicing Yoga it is high time you should start working on your health before it is too late. But if you are already a fitness freak then you know what wonders yoga can work on your body and mind. If you have a dream to increase your knowledge about yoga or to open an institute to help others achieve the benefits which you are already enjoying; you need to join a yoga teacher training course because being a teacher requires in-depth knowledge and expertise of the art of imparting the same to your trainees.


Shri Aneesh Krishna Bisht Conducting a yoga class in the ashram surrounded by the lush green hills of Shivalik.

The 200 hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh is an intensive course that introduces the would-be trainers with the history and philosophy of yoga and also strengthens their knowledge about the effect of the asanas on the body parts of the practitioners. The trainees will be provided with extensive knowledge of diet, meditation, cleansing rituals besides the discipline of yoga which are the essential requirements of being a yoga teacher.

Contents of the Course

The course consists of the study of yoga which mainly deals with proper alignments, variations, modifications with the ability to minimize the risk of injuries; the art of improvisation, sequencing and angles and postures. The course also offers training in the intelligent employment of props to help to improve practice for beginners, using voice modulations while teaching, the Sanskrit names of the postures, jargon related to yoga, principles of yogic science (anatomy, physiology, and psychology). Most importantly the course provides every student with the opportunity of practice teaching which boosts confidence and also focuses on the spirituality and ethics related to the business of yoga.

Strict Schedules

The institutions follow a strict routine consisting of the daily schedule of 6 to 7 hours of training. Through intensive, the course is enlightening too. There are daily practices including meditation, yoga postures, chanting, pranayama, and lectures related to yogic philosophy or anatomy. Homework is given to motivate self-study. The students have to wake up early and go to bed early during the training.

The course fees include 3 meals per day, fruits and green tea as refreshments and of course the lodging facility.

The course hours (approximately) for 200 Hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh are divided in the following manner in the institutes-

100 hours are allotted to techniques and practices;
20 hours are spent on learning anatomy and physiology.
The methodology takes up 25 hours.
30 hours are devoted to philosophy and ethical conduct.
15 hours are given for elective and
10 hours for the completion of the practicum.
Like any other educational institution, evaluation is done both in theory and practical aspects of the course. The conduct of the student forms an integral part of the assessment process and students can be disqualified on the basis of misconduct, breach of rules or insufficient attendance.

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Registered Yoga School Certified by Yoga Alliance USA

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