Jivasu is the founder of naturality teaching.
Naturality is an open and flexible system of teachings that help us to understand the root cause of life's problem as well as find the solutions within us.
Naturality gives us the framework through which we live according to our natural selves. It is an integration of science within the wholeness and sacredness of life. The essence of naturality is described in the Naturality mantra:

Right care of body, feelings, mind and natural self.
Right care of family, community, country and the earth.
Let love, oneness, harmony, and flow sustain right care,
Let right care bring the bliss of conscious living
I affirm this, I affirm this, I affirm this in my naturality.

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Recently I had an opportunity to participate in the classes taught by Jivasu Ji in Rishikesh. The subject of the classes was Naturality - an open-ended system of body-mind techniques from different traditions. The fundamental principle of this approach is to follow one's own nature as much as we can in everything we do. As simple as it sounds it certainly requires a good measure of self-knowledge to be able to implement this kind of philosophy in our own life. This is where Ayurvedic constitutions come to help, allowing us to figure out our natural inclinations and areas that need to be balanced out more.
Jivasu is a very gifted, well-read and eloquent teacher. His explanations are simple and to the point, making it possible for students to grasp complex concepts easily and quickly. Naturality seems applicable in many if not all areas of life and anyone, from the humble yoga student to a lofty guruji, could take and use something from its teachings and apply it in their own lives.
Wholeheartedly recommend.