7 days Yoga retreat in Goa

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7 days Yoga retreat in Goa

If you are looking for retreats and retreats are expensive for you, then you may like Peace Yoga. We provide expensive services at the cheapest price in different places.
A peace yoga retreat is known as one of the best Yoga retreat centers available at affordable prices.
We provide various types of affordable retreats for people, like Himalaya yoga retreat, detox yoga retreat, Wellness retreat, meditation retreat, etc.
Our aim is to give the taste of the inner journey to the world. We’re the one of leading affordable retreat centers in the world of the 10 billion dollar Retreats market.


We are partnered with Shivoham Yoga school, Book Yoga Retreat, Book Retreats, Trustpilot.
We are located in Rishikesh and Goa right now, We have two beautiful Resorts in Rishikesh and one Resort in Goa right now. Where Peace Yoga runs many types of retreats throughout the years.

Why Yoga Retreats?
Retreats is not only about staying and travel but much more than that, Retreats helps you to come out of any past problems (depressions), helps to restore your energy, better focus, and concentration, and as you know all Yoga Benefits.

You think that's it, No
Peace Yoga provides sports activity (Rafting/surfing), and Different excursions like if you visit Rishikesh, Peace Yoga Takes you to waterfalls, Beatles Ashram, Ganga aarti, And other excursions.
and if you visit Peace Yoga Rishikesh, We take them to boat rides and different beaches.

What do we provide?
We provide yoga classes, Meditation sessions, Pranayama sessions, along with yoga Nidra sessions, Ayurveda massages, and Ayurvedic food, and much more.

Our aim is to give people the best and luxury services at the cheapest price. Our all retreats are affordable either they are students or employees.

We are happy to invite you to Peace Yoga Retreat centers for your Holidays and Get a Decent Discount for all Your participants,
Website:-  https://www.peaceyogaretreat.com/

Email:- contact@peaceyogaretreat.com

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