200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India is very popular among the students who chose to be a Yoga Teacher or for personal life transformation.


This 200-hour course will cover an extensive amount of learning across the whole spectrum of the yogic way of life. It will teach you the root principles of ancient yoga traditions. This 200 hours of academic teaching and physical practice is an essential approved certification by the Yoga Alliance, enabling you to confidently and correctly teach yoga practice wherever you may be in the world.
As well as being the perfect fit for someone wanting to be a yoga teacher, this course also is suited for any individual with a serious interest and desire to understand the diverse layers of yoga for personal reasons.
You will be given personal and individual attention during classes with your teachers being available after teaching for any questions you may have to do with your Yoga teacher training journey.

This 200-hour course will give you a holistic style of exercise, different from that conventional approach towards exercise, creating awareness, concentration, relaxation, and peace within. It will integrate the physical, mental and spiritual elements of yoga which has been proven to enhance both a content state of mind and a healthy, fully functional body.

Most of the time spent on this course will cover these core areas:

● Yoga philosophy (Darshana) - this essential ancient information is key for you to earn yogic strength. You will be taught the history and ethics of yoga, Indian culture, kundalini, and much more.

● Dhyana (meditation) - by practicing meditation you will be attempting to reach a state of self-realization (Samadhi). This will aid in gaining tranquility of emotions, physical and mental being.

● Pranayama - ancient breathing techniques, used in preparation for meditation. This is a vital aspect of yoga practice. It will improve the respiratory system and purify the body and mind.

There will be an introduction to the topic followed by sitting postures, Mudras (yoga gestures that affect energy flow), and yoga bandhas, which is a way of improving lung capacity.

● Mantra chanting- each of the chants will have a unique meaning and will use the sacred sound vibrations in a spiritual way creating a clear and focused mind.

● Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga styles - an in-depth study of all of the asanas/poses within these styles and taught how to practice them in correct ways.

● Physiology & Anatomy (Sarir Vijnan) - Learning and understanding the physical bodily functions will help prevent injury before, during, and after practice. The types of yoga anatomy are both physical and spiritual. This will include the study of digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, and endocrine systems. Also organs and Chakras. The anatomy studies will teach how the body is affected by Asanas - skeletal, muscular, and joint movements.

● Teaching practice and methodology - You will learn how to be able to carry out demonstrations, correct alignment, and instruct other students by performing in front of your peers and yoga teachers on the course. Being able to create peace and positivity will be key to ensuring your students have a transformative and enjoyable experience with you.

The timetable every day is full of the varied topics studied. Classes will start at 5:30/6 am daily, and will continue throughout the day until dinner at 6:45/7 pm. There will be adequate breaks along the way giving you time to absorb all of the knowledge and information presented to you by your teachers.

Embarking on this course will steer you in the direction of a well-balanced life, leaving all materialistic cravings behind. Equipped with practical teachings of both yogic and spiritual sciences, this 200-hour teacher training course will further your path towards enlightenment. The holistic, well-rounded approach to yoga will leave you feeling energized and focused, ready to take on the next chapter of your yoga journey.

At Om Shanti I'm we are committed to giving you authentic teachings of traditional yoga within your 200 hours of teacher training to ensure you enhance and improve your knowledge and skills to become an inspiring yoga teacher!

The price includes
Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is just a 25 days course.

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