200 Hour Vinasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga event 200 Hour Vinasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh  Rishikesh

200 Hour Vinasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Shivsiddh yogpeeth is a certified yoga school in Rishikesh, India affiliated from U.S. Yoga Alliance, which offers 200 Hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Programme, 200 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC and 200 Hrs Vinyasa Yoga TTC, providing best experience to the seekers who are eager to learn the actuality and authenticity of yoga. We also organise 7 & 14 days Yoga Retreat, Programmes which help people to relax their minds from the stressful life and rejuvenate their energy providing them detoxification.


Vinyasa yoga teacher training course at shivsiddh yogpeeth is the best opportunity for the aspirants who are looking forward to start an intense dynamic training in yoga. This programme is specially designed according to the seekers who are only looking for particular training in advanced Vinyasa Flow series to attain more strength and flexibility. This specific course will be focusing on some main points like the linking of asanas and the breathing flow which actually vinyasa yoga is all about, and also to focus on the asana Alignment part because while moving dynamic, often the practitioners start missing the alignment segment which makes the practice going on but not really ideal because yoga is not only to move but to move in a proper flow and that is the ideal definition of vinyasa yoga. Students will be benefited to understand the relation of breath and the postures deeply because often if we notice that when people do yoga exercises hardly they connect to the breathing system how inhalation should be and where to focus on the exhalation. Actually the work of breath should be understood first as that is the key which make us aware on understanding the delicacy of the asana practices. After this course, the aspirants will surely be full of confidence and positivity to share their experiences as teachers. The course will be followed by morning Hatha yoga practice where the preparatory asana practice will be focused as for achieving deep approach in vinyasa flow; a stronger base is needed so before learning the dynamic flow, stability is needed. In the evening sessions, only vinyasa flow classes will be there helping the students to get deeper in their practice and teach them also how to prepare flow and getting more aware on the breathing. Along with asana classes, pranayama sessions will be main, which will also get advanced delivering more intense sessions focusing on the holding (kumbhaka) more. Apart from this, mantra & meditation, applied anatomy & physiology and yoga philosophy will be necessarily important subjects which will be having specific importance in the course schedule to make it a complete package so that the course will be resulting in making the seekers or students skilled and more confident to deliver their knowledge to others.

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