Vajra Yoga

The International Federation of Yoga CAS is an officially registered organization compliant with all official regulations. As of today, we are the only organization in Ukraine whose graduates are professional teachers of the proper way of spinal column treatment. The Proper way of spinal column treatment is compliant with ancient Yoga scriptures. This method aims at good impact and healthy support of spinal column and the whole body. The founder of the federation is Anatoly Pakhomov. As of today, we have more than a hundred Yoga Instructors. We also cooperate with Ukrainian, Russian and foreign Yoga Teachers, Yoga Studios and organizations sharing our principals of the proper way of spinal column treatment. 

The correct approach to the spine excludes such exercises as twists, excessive side bends and other excessive positions of the spine, from the classes of Vajra yoga.

Our mental aspect of the practice includes Maha mudra - the practice of self-observation and attentive presense, and the Middle way in the practice. 

Anatoliy Pakhomov the founder of Vajra Yoga
Anatoliy Pakhomov, the founder of Vajra Yoga

In the spiritual plane of the practice we do not abide by any specific dogmas, we preach freedom of choice and kindness to all living beings. Vajra yoga is not a religion, the practitioners can have their own religious views as long as they respect the freedom of other people. 

The term Vajra has several interpretations. Some of the meaning of Vajra are diamond, lightning, enlightenment, initial state, unchanging state. In the school of Vajra yoga, we interpret Vajra as the initial state that is called non-duality. Vajra also means knowledge in general. 

The system includes knowledge from yoga, psychology, Lung Ta practices, anatomy, philosophy, and personal experience of non-duality. Non-duality is the "glue" that connects all the other parts of Vajra yoga. 

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Interview with Anatoliy Pakhomov, the founder of Vajra Yoga school.

Interview with Natalia Poperechna, the teacher of Vajra yoga. 

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