Yoga instructor Alexander Moscow



I started my journey with yoga in 2013, when I visited my first class of Kundalini yoga. Since then I have been regularly practising yoga both on my own and during seminars, retreats and master classes of Hatha and Kundalini yoga. By this moment I have finished 200 Hours of Yoga teacher training in Samadhi Yoga Ashram to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga philosophy. Currently, I'm teaching Sukshma Vyayama following the seminars and recordings of Reinhard Gommenthaller on Kundalini Yoga Parampara. Sukshma Vyayama is a sequence of yoga asanas that have a strong effect on the energy body with the aim of awakening Kundalini energy. Furthermore, the effect of regular practice of Sukshma Vyayama is good health, posture and well-being.

Teaching yoga since
Practicing yoga since
YTT 200hr, Hatha Yoga teacher training, Samadhi Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India

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