Йога студия Yoga Studio Barcelona Барселона

Yoga Studio Barcelona

Plaza Universidad 4, 1º 2ª

The yoga oasis in the heart of Barcelona. 

In this studio, you will encounter more than 40 weekly classes with different instructors who share the love for yoga. The practice in our studio encompasses different styles of yoga: Shivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and others, with different levels of difficulty adapted to various needs. 

The studio also offers education in yoga (yoga teacher training courses) for over 14 years. These courses meet the criteria of new law of yoga education BOE-A-2012_11325


1 first class costs 7 euros, or you can opt for an option of the entire trial week (3 classes) for 12 Euros.

You can pay membership fee (matricula) of 30 Euros, or not pay it, and depending on your choices, the cost of the monthly payments will differ.

Thus, classes with Membership fee will cost:

75 Euros/month for 7 classes per week

70 Euros/month for 4 classes per week

65 Euros/month for 3 classes per week

60 Euros/month for 2 classes per week

600 Euros/year for 7 classes per week


Without membership fee, the prices are respectively:

90 Euros/month for 7 classes per week

35 Euros for 1 week

45 Euros for 2 weeks


You can also get packages of 4 classes for 50 Euros, 8 classes for 90 Euros or 12 classes for 110 Euros. 



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