Happy Yoga center is a studio and school of kundalini hatha yoga that has been providing classes, retreats and training courses for 15 years.

It conducts classes in Kundalini yoga for beginners and experienced practitioners, kundalini meditations, hatha yoga classes, anusara, ashtanga vinyasa, and others. This is also a place for teacher training in kundalini and hatha yoga.

Happy Yoga offers you a week of free classes to try this school. If you like the studio, you pay for a week of those classes. If you do not like, you pay nothing.
There is no membership fee (matricula), but "maintenance fee" of 20 Euros per month is required for those months that you do not visit the studio.
The monthly plans depend on the number of weekly visits, from 45 Euros/month for 1 class per week, to 69 Euros/month for 3 classes per week. You can also pay for individual class 12 Euros, or get a "bono" of 10 classes for 110 euros that you can visit during 3 months.

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