Navratri Sadhana & Detox Retreat YogaVedic workshop

Йога мероприятие Navratri Sadhana & Detox Retreat YogaVedic workshop Ришикеш

Navratri Sadhana & Detox Retreat YogaVedic workshop


The Yoga School introduces the YogaVedic workshop  of one week to share traditional yogic wisdom. This will be achieved through experiential study with detailed lectures and yogic practices to integrate yoga and applied Ayurveda into your day to day routine and lifestyle.

The YogaVedic workshop covers the common theory and practice of Yoga and its sister science of Ayurveda. Above all, you will learn the art of executing action in the spirit of Karma yoga. The endeavor is for you to experience yoga throughout your routine of daily life: taking yourYoga beyond Asana to live a healthy abundant life within natural cycles. 

It's beyond Asana. it's about experience, culture and tradition to live yoga within the rhythm of nature's cycles.

Come, embrace the enriching experience of the traditions of applied Ayurveda and live yoga

Why the Workshop?

Conducted amidst the verdant forested landscape of the Himalayas, lush gold cropped fields, sounds of nature and the song of a youthful gurgling Ganga to guide your spirit to inner tranquility: the Yogavedic workshop is designed to align you with the rhythms of nature through special practices and endeavors to impart the message of yoga as a lifestyle beyond asana. The deliberate choice is to move away from commercial mass consumerist ways towards an organically sustainable lifestyle in tune with your body and inner nature. The secure environment in the lap of mother nature will synergise with the practices of the workshop to help cleanse the physical body onwards, promoting an awakening of the subtle body. 

Are you already a Yoga Teacher or Yoga practitioner? 

If you wish to supplement and complement your yogic practice towards experience, the knowledge and application of Ayurvedic principles and Vedic routines will enhance your practice.



  • Grow your self knowledge to deal with mind-body cycles to effectively live a better quality of life.
  • Take your practice of Yoga beyond Asana, to explore the realm of experience.
  • Fine tune through a daily regimen and create your very own personal ritual through a set of routine practices.
  • Enjoy better immunity and optimal health through a traditional process of cleansing and relearning nourishment.
  • Align to the flow of natural cycles of the Sun, Moon and the planets, incorporating a surreal state of being into your day to day life.


One week: 7 nights 8 days

Ayurveda: An introduction: Concept, Origin and history; Traditional texts; Dosha:Body humour,Prakriti(Physical Constitution) Parikshana(Determination) Prakriti(Physical Constitution) : Types, Attributes and Function Panch Pranas(Five Vital Air), Panch Kosha(Five Vital Sheath) and Panch Mahabhoota(Five Elements)

Health: Definition and principles Disease and balance of dosha

Mitahar(Food Rules): Diet and classification of foods

Yogic diet & Fasting: Technique and Principles

Yoga and Ayurveda: Common origins and philosophy

  • Yogic Philosophy: Introduction to traditional yoga and texts
  • Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Purification processes and use of Shat Kriyas(Cleansing techniques) of Yoga and Panchakarma(Cleansing techniques) of Ayurveda; Yoga for different Prakriti/Constitution types

Lifestyle Schedule: Dinacharya(Day Routine), Ratricharya(Evening Routine), Rtucharya(Seasonal regimen) and Sadvritta(Ethical Regimen); Theory in brief and practice schedule during the duration of workshop

Therapy: Brief overview of yogic and Ayurvedic therapy; Therapeutic application of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra; Therapeutic application of Shuddhi Kriya and Meditation


A typical day: Will begin well prior to sunrise to harness the energy of the universe during Brahma Muhurta and utilize it towards yogic growth. A session of cleansing techniques as detailed in tradition will be followed by meditation and an awakening session of asana and pranayama to encourage pranic energy flow through the body leading upto Surya Namaskara welcome of the sunrise. Breakfast with Herbal tea prepared as per constitution and weather will be followed by theory classes to understand the physical practices that are undertaken and the scienctific rationale applied to them. Theory of yoga, its philosophy and therapeutic science; with Ayurveda and its method of application to enhance your everyday life make up the subject matter.

Lunch will be prepared with involvement in the cooking methods and understanding the individual characteristic and quality of the ingredients being used. It will be enjoyed at the peak hour of the sun so as to utilize the fiery energy for good digestion. The main purpose is sharing the feeling of oneness through a sense of community with other participants, thus making the meal complete and nourishing to every kosha-level: from the physical to the astral body. Every meal will be special with the application of the principles of Ayurveda.

Post lunch relaxation, engage the astral plane through Yoga Nidra practice and then employ the mind’s faculty to assimilate further information with a sharing of knowledge interactive chat over evening tea, termed ‘chai chatsang’. More relaxed study will encouragingly lead to another intensive asana practice which will prepare you for a wind-down as the sun lowers in the skies. Early dinner followed by chanting or singing of hymns will gradually merge the mind with the hour of dusk as birds return to their nests and the moon prepares to take centerstage. The practice of mauna(silence) is encouraged to quieten the mind and it will be followed by a nightly ayurvedic routine and meditation to prepare for restful sleep.


  • 05:00 Wake up
  • 05:15 Kriya-Cleansing and self-care techniques
  • 05:45 Morning herbal drink
  • 06:00 Yoga Asana and Pranayama
  • 07:15 Bath and breakfast
  • 08:30 Theory of Yoga
  • 09:30 Tea break-discussion
  • 10:00 Karma Yoga: Ayurveda Cooking principles
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Yoga Nidra
  • 15:00 Theory of Ayurveda
  • 16:00 Tea break- Chai Chatsang
  • 16:30 Asana/Evening Outdoor meditation/Music and Kirtan
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 19:00 Chakra meditation (Mauna-Silence after 19:00)
  • 20:00 Ratricharya routine practice
  • 20:30 Bedtime
В стоимость события входит
Accommodation in Rishikesh (7 nights) during the program
All organic YogaVedic Lifestyle Kit: Yoga mat; non plastic Neti Pot and other personal use products alongwith no-chemical toiletries
At least 3 vegetarian meals per day
One Ayurveda Nadi Chikitsa - Doctor's consultation
One Ayurvedic Massage session
One day trip outside Rishikesh / Ganga Arti
Ayurvedic Cooking lesson everyday
7 days YogaVedic Workshop attendance Certificate
В стоимость события не входит
Any kind of personal expenses
Anything not specified in the inclusion list
Airfare and Airport transfers: We do provide Airport transfer on additional cost
Travel to and from Rishikesh (either Haridwar Railway/Dehradun Airport) is not included. It can be arranged- Cost: INR 1000 / USD 15
Pick up/drop from or to Delhi airport/railway is not included. It can be arranged- Cost: INR 4500 / USD 70

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