Writing Reviews on TopYogis - General Guidelines:

By leaving reviews of a yoga teacher and/or school, please be honest and respectful. First of all, please, write reviews of schools and teachers that YOU, IN PERSON practiced at/with. Your review cannot be based on rumors or someone else’s experience.

Certainly, you don’t have to leave only positive reviews: a negative review can be a valuable feedback to the teacher and can help other practitioners who might have similar challenges. But even while being critical, please make sure that you are respectful, do not use profanity and do not insult the teacher or any other member of the TopYogis community. Please, follow the yogic principles of no-harm and truthfulness in your behavior, as we are all here to make this world better, and after all, we practice yoga to learn how to approach emotional situations with equanimity and understanding!

Therefore, TopYogis will not post reviews that contain foul language, insults or trolling towards any member of the community.

If you have any negative remarks, try to explain why you did not like the class and give examples of situations that have upset or harmed you.

If you want to share positive experience, we would love to know how classes of a particular teacher helped you develop your skills, well-being or understanding.

Your review will help many yoga seekers make valuable discoveries in the world of yoga. Thank you for your contribution!