Yoga event 15 Day "Detox & Rejuvenate" Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India Rishikesh

15 Day "Detox & Rejuvenate" Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India


Join us for a 15-day detox and rejuvenate meditation and yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India!

During the retreat, you will receive:

4 Ayurvedic massages
Yoga workshop & excursion
Detox Yoga & Ayurveda program
Asanas, pranayama, mantra & meditation sessions
Brief astrological natal map consultation & aura assessment
Individual herbs suggestion for wellbeing
Detox beverages & Juices
14 nights accommodation
3 daily vegetarian meals
Yogic cleansing kit


This retreat is an absolutely wonderful combination of yoga, detox, and relaxation in the magical Himalayas.

This yoga detox retreat purifies your body from toxins, normalizes your metabolism, removes chronic tiredness, and makes you light and balanced.

We offer our guests only the best quality of food and Ayurvedic oils for therapy, without mixing with cheap oils.

The effect of the procedures will be evident. All our yoga teachers and therapists are professionals, with 5 to 30 years of experience. The team will show you the results from their programs, by special aura assessment, before and after course.
Our yoga, detox and weight reduction retreat program was designed to purify your body from toxins, normalize your metabolism, create healthy food patterns according to traditional Indian medical concept (Ayurveda), learn how to keep the weight stable, how to remove chronic tiredness, and feel light and be fit.

Asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting and astrology help detox, reduce weight and reach the goal of your practice.

Yoga - Physiological Aspects:

Digestive system, physiology and problems
Weight reduction programs from medical point of view
Yoga - Practical Aspects:

Asana (advanced level)

Natural Relaxation Asana
Natural standing Asana with External Rotations
Forward bending Asana
Backward Extensions
Spinal Twisting Asana
Inverted Asana
Balancing Asana
Meditation Asana
Thunder-Bolt (vajrasana) Group Asana
Lotus (Padmasana) Group Asana
Pranayama & Mudras

Pranayama and their detox effect on weight reduce
Special Pranayama Techniques to reduce weight
Mudras and Bandhas
Parana in daily life, how to reach new level and hold the weight
Guided meditative pranayama for reducing weight
Mantra and pranayama advanced level in reduction of weight
Kriyas (Body Cleansing Methods)

Standard Meditation Practice, meditative practice for weight reduction and purification of the body

Advanced Mantras, Hindu Gods, mantras related with them, mantra for pooja
Yoga therapy / Ayurveda

We use a number of yogic/Ayurvedic methods in supporting the treatment of weight problems, detailed knowledge about Ayurvedic herbs, and Panchakarma therapy basic skills for purification and weight control.

The price includes
1 t-shirt with the school symbol 1 excursion 3 daily vegetarian meals 4 ayurvedic massages 4 ayurvedic swedhana (steam therapy) 14 nights' accommodation Accompaniment and support during time of staying in the Institute with help provided 24 hours Certific
Not included in the price
Additional activities Airfare Airport transfer Ayurvedic procedures and consultation Detailed aura check-up Detailed horoscope assessment Naturopathic consultation

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